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About Beheading - Comments (4)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 27th May, 2005 @ 06:12:57 PM

The other night as I was driving home I heard “The Michael Savage” broadcast.

I am one of the people that likes Michael Savage, despite some unlikeable things about him, because he is a genuine person. In fact, he is my age-mate – as is Rush Limbaugh.

Michael (Weiner) Savage seems to have had early years like my own, hanging around the university way too long, and knowing far too many university professors.

As I was listening to one of his entertaining rants, he played the awful audio of the death of Nicholas Berg: a death none of us want to think about. You may recall that Nick Berg was beheaded by Arab militants last year. On one of my broadcasts I suggested to my listeners that Nick Berg was publicly beheaded not only for being an American, but for being Jewish.

John 21, Peter, & the Pope - Comments (0)

Printer Friendly Category: Articles,Doctrine,Roman Catholicism
Author: John Malone
Date: 16th May, 2005 @ 11:34:48 AM

Papal Dress and Relics
“Wearing golden vestments and clutching his pastoral staff, Benedict began the ceremony by walking into the area under St. Peter’s Basilica where St. Peter is believed to be buried, paying homage to the first pope and blessing the tomb with incense as a choir chanted.”

Misusing the Memory of Peter
“In one of the most symbolic moments of the two-hour Mass, Benedict was given his Fisherman’s Ring and a woolen pallium or shawl — both symbols of his papal authority. The ring is emblazoned with an image of Peter casting his fishing nets and was traditionally used to seal apostolic letters.”

Associated Press, Sunday, April 24th
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It’s likely I would never discuss the Pope if he did not claim to be Christian.