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The Key to “Right Division:” Israel - Comments (3)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 4th July, 2005 @ 12:30:13 PM

“Rightly dividing” – cutting straight – the Word of God is not merely a good idea, but {an exhortation|2Ti 3:16} and command {given in Scripture|2Ti 2:15} from the Lord’s {pattern servant|1Ti 1:15-16} to his {protege|1Ti 1:2}, and therefore to all who would follow the apostle in the ministry of God’s word.

The enjoyment of the Scriptures, which is much of the enjoyment of the Lord Himself, is unlikely when they are not “cut straight” or rightly divided.

It is no accident that the apostle paul was a {tentmaker|Acts 18:3} by trade. He undertsood the importance of a straight cut. Surely his tents were not patched together with duct tape! No matter how skillful a tentmaker was with a needle, the cutting of the tent material along the straight lines required by the tent design was essential to successful completion.