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Dealing With Doctors. - Comments (0)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 19th May, 2007 @ 03:11:40 AM

“The Lord helps those who help themselves,” the physician told us.

My wife and I looked at each other, but she only saw me with her left eye.

That’s because she has lost nearly all vision in her right eye, a large “choroidal ocular melanoma” obscuring almost all vision in her right.

I do not often mingle with doctors.

My father died from cancer at 65 – when I was 36 – largely at the hands of incompetent physicians.

One of my very best friends became an M.D., but our relationship was built upon our fellowship in the Scriptures after I had led him to Christ while he attended medical school at the local Jesuit institution.

He died from cancer when he was barely 42.

My next door neighbor was a brilliant neurosurgeon. We used to talk about technology, medicine, and the Scriptures. We were real friends. He died of cancer when he was 45. Before he did, he was restored to his early faith in Jesus Christ, and wrote hymns on his Alabama death bed.

One of my heroes, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, began his radio career after cancer treatments, and went home shortly after my father.

Since those men were taken home by the Lord Jesus, my only contact in the “medical world” has been a brilliant research physician who is remarkably unorthodox, and a chiropractor: someone distinctly NOT in the “medical world.”

My Wife - Comments (0)

Printer Friendly Category: Articles,Behind the Lines
Author: John Malone
Date: 8th May, 2007 @ 10:46:37 PM

Today my wife was diagnosed with a serious malady.

I am asking my brothers and sisters who read this web site to pray for her in this matter.

The Lord is able to deliver her.

And me.


We are grateful to the Lord today to learn that my wife’s (Karen’s) prospects, though very serious and damaging, are not as dire as they could have been.

The Lord is taking our part with {those that help us.|Psa 118:7}