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Living Near the Days of Lot. - Comments (1)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 27th December, 2013 @ 07:49:50 AM

When waiting for someone to arrive, you may begin to wonder when they will. You may ask, “What did he say before he left?” or, “Did he say He’d be here by now?” or, “Is he late?”

I’m applying this to the Second Coming, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ from heaven. What the church of the Thessalonians was waiting for. What everyone should be waiting for.

What DID He say before He left? A great many things, too many to cover here. The first thing He said about the subject was to not {let your heart be troubled|Jo 14:1-3}. As I write this, my heart is very troubled about very many things. I am troubled about my job, my family, my church, my friends, my city, my country: MYSELF.

But the Lord says not to be, at least with respect to His departure and return. He said He’s going to prepare a place for me, and that there is plenty of room, and if there wasn’t He’d say so, AND He said that He will come again, to receive me to Himself. That means we will both be moving. He from heaven, me from earth. As Paul told the Thessalonians, we’ll be {caught up in the clouds,|1Th 4:16-17;Rev 1:7} to meet the Lord in the air, and ever be with Him.

Comfort one another with {THESE words|1Th 4:18}.

Did He say He’d be here by now? Well, no He didn’t. Be careful you do not overlook what He said, and conclude differently. You will be in danger of saying, {in your heart|Mat 24:48-51}, “my Lord delays His coming.” The next thing you know, you will be beating the Lord’s servants. You can do that a number of ways, but mainly that’s done these days with wagging tongues. Especially female tongues by the way. Men go about it differently. More coldly.

But never mind those. They can no longer be reached anyway, their cold hearts hardened against their brethren especially, unable anymore to find comfort in the Scriptures, and so clutching the fleeting lies the world offers them. Am I saying the {love of many is growing cold?|Mat 24:12} Not yet cold enough; not yet many enough.

But didn’t the early church think He was coming right back? Perhaps many of them did, but they got wrong about a lot of stuff, just as the Bible says. The apostle Peter wrote fairly late in his ministry that the brethren needed to be mindful of {ONE THING|2Pe 3:8}: a day with the Lord is as 1,000 years, and 1,000 years is as one day. That’s time-tested truth right there. Something to ponder, to consider, to meditate. And to discover.

As I said, He said a great many things. But one thing He said was that {as it was|Lu 17:28-29} in the ‘days of Lot,’ so shall it be in the day of His apocalypse.

We’re beginning for the first time in modern history to see the “Days of Lot.” Beginning to mind you. In the days of Lot, in Sodom, homosexuality was not merely widespread, but was the entirely dominant culture. Lot had learned to tolerate it. Righteous Lot – justified Lot – as he is named in Scripture.

Abraham was on the outside. He was living in a tent, he and his extremely large household.

All generations reading the Bible since the Lord’s ascension into heaven have been able to learn that His return would be marked by the “days of Lot,” and the {“days of Noah.”|Lu 17:26-27} The “days of Lot” is a phrase targeted to believers, as Lot was most certainly one of us. Lot first pitched his tent toward, then lived in, and became a city councilman in Sodom. he had to be dragged out by angels, kicking and screaming. His wife was dragged out too, but her heart was there. {Remember her?|Lu 17:32}

Lot’s sons-in-law (perhaps the only heterosexuals left in Sodom) and married daughters, were consumed in the fire from heaven (uranium fire) that wasted Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other cities of the plain.

But what was Sodom? It was a community of depraved persons who were so sexually driven after {another kind (strange) of flesh|Jude 1:7} – the heavenly bodies used by angels when they appeared first to Abraham, and now to Lot and his neighbors – that they besieged Lot’s house like a pack of jackals, seeking to gratify themselves sexually with the angels who visited.

When Lot {addressed them|Gen 19:7-9}, and said “brethren, do not act so wickedly,” they turned on him, as your dog in a pack would actually do.

Even San Francisco, Paris, or Lincoln, Nebraska is not yet this.

These days are coming. Who would have thought it would come as quickly! I am surprised at the rapidity of the societal decline, and I saw it starting up in this specific way in 1972. The rapidity at which society, including Christians, are accepting rampant homosexuality is stunning.

The days of Lot are not upon us today, December 2013. But they look to be upon us very soon. Remember those days mark Jesus actual apocalypse, His appearing (“unveiling”) to the whole world.

It is BEFORE that time the Lord begins his descent from heaven, assembling the “synagogue on high” of His own in the air, to commence the awesome and fateful {judgment seat|2cor 5:10} whereby all our works will be tested, as by fire, to discover a rewardable remainder. And then to enjoy the city that has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

The city {Abraham looked for …|Heb 11:8-10}

Abraham wasn’t in Sodom. He had fellowship with the Lord Jesus, and {interceded on behalf of Lot|Gen 18:20-23}, who “vexed” himself {every day|2pe 2:7-0} with the behavior of the wicked persons who surrounded him.

Abraham was separate, sanctifiable, useful to God. It’s possible. It’s not too late.

It’s not too late because Jesus is not late. He’s patient, long-suffering, waiting for men to come to knowledge of the truth.

But He’s coming swiftly. And soon.