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First Pope: Peter or Nimrod? - Comments (13)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 13th April, 2005 @ 01:52:33 PM

With all the hoopla going on around the “election” of the next – and perhaps last – Pope, I consider it a good time to examine, just a bit, the FIRST Pope.

In 1993, I travelled to Uganda with my wife and two of our children, and we stayed for a couple days in the Capitol (Kampala) at the Nile Hotel. To our complete surprise, we discovered that also staying at that hotel were dozens, if not scores, of Roman Catholic Cardinals, due to Pope John Paul II’s visit that was happening at the same time.

For all I know, the Pope was in the hotel, too.

It was an impressive scene, I will tell you, with red-caped RC crusaders everywhere, and an enormous line of matching Mercedes occupying the extensive promenade to the hotel. We took pictures, and laughed heartily. In further discussions with the Ugandan Christians who were the hotel staff, we commented together that we were in the sphere of concentrated {spiritual wickedness|Eph 6:12} in the high heavenlies.

When one examines this matter of the Papacy carefully through the lens of the Scripture, it becomes clear that its long legacy is not to Peter, but to Nimrod.

That bass was about like this.
“That bass was like this!”

Although the Roman Catholic hierarchy works at claiming a lineage to Peter, and the Pope wears what he calls “the Fisherman’s Ring,” it takes a big imagination to visualize this fellow as having anything to do with a boat or fish, let alone apostleship!

But it’s not entirely accurate to call the Papacy “unbiblical” because while it has nothing to do with the apostles or Peter personally, it DOES have to do with a famous personage in Scripture, and that is {Nimrod|Gen 10:8-9}, the rebel of Babel.

Nimrod organized a religious and political system against God’s command for earth dwellers to spread out over the entire land mass, be fruitful, and multiply. Instead, Nimrod went about setting up his own kingdom, and misled mankind in an attempt to establish a city, and a name, and a tower that replaced the heavenly commands of God. It was Nimrod’s “Just say ‘no’ campaign.” His attempt – successful until God intervened – was to replace the message of God with his message, the city of God with his city, adn finally the person of God with himself.

“Babel” means “confusion” and confusion reigns supreme in the Papacy, and its descendant organization. The strange admixture of Judaism, Christianity, and Paganism stymies the clear analysis of millions, and creates the very atmosphere of misdirection needed to mesmerize the mass of men into tolerating and even cooperating with its agenda against God.

Despite the correspondence of the Roman Catholic Organization (RCO) with Babylon of old, we must remember that while there is yet the church of Jesus Christ His body functioning on the earth, Babylon is in “mystery form,” and will not reach its fulfillment until the {false prophet|Rev 13:11} and {the man of sin|Rev 13:1} arise, at the very end of this age.

Therefore, what can we anticipate? That the motion of incorporation into the idolatrous system that is the RCO will continue apace, gaining momentum with each passing day. We can look for more successful initiatives, like the Second Vatican Council of the 1960’s, that – though marked by confusion and contradiction – was effective at “bridge-building” into theretofore Christian bulwarks for truth.

At the same time, Popery will be making more forays into the religious sphere that is not even nominally “Christian.”

We will watch – again through Scripture’s lens – how the RCO will somehow be incorporated with Islam, Protestantism, Judaism, Neo-Paganism, and Eastern Mysticism into the full spiritism that will finally issue in the worship of the beast, the {man of sin|2Th 2:3-4}.

Comment by Peter Galt » 28th January, 2007 @ 03:44:28 PM

Spend a bit more time praying than attacking the Catholic Church, and with poor scholarship at that. I find your comments to be a bit bizarre , and some of your topics and subject matter a bit strange. There is a cultish quality to your site that I think the average Christian would find a bit unnerving.

Will be praying for you.
John’s Comments:

This comment, coming from a supporter of the largest cult in the world, is not strange at all.

As for “scholarship,” what the Roman Catholic Organization esteems “scholarship” is rightly regarded as animal waste in the {Scriptures.|Phi 3:8} Nevertheless, Romans themselves have ever been arrogant about their ignorance. The Apostle recognized this when he first penned the {theme verses of this ministry and web site.|Rom 1:15-16}

In these verses, the apostle is informing us that the gospel of Christ is superior to the arrogant-yet-ingorant ramblings of self-aggrandizing dilettantes who hung around together in places like Athens and Rome – and Tarsus for that matter – wanting to hear {some “new thing.”|Acts 17:21-23}

Militant, ignorant Catholics have been responsible for more bloodshed of God’s people than any other group.

So, comments such as these are predictable.

It does not address, however, that one can find more traceable roots to Nimrod than to the apostle Peter or to the Lord Jesus Christ to discover the origins of Romanism.

As for praying, it’s not to be trumpeted publicly, or it goes unrewarded, let alone unanswered.

Comment by stephen » 24th October, 2007 @ 01:42:06 PM

very good insight,check out A.Hislop ” THE TWO BABLONS”for more info and research DR.Henry Clifford Kinley for the real truth

Comment by Ned Ikon » 17th December, 2007 @ 09:48:57 PM

Thank you John for your insightful and uncompromising expose on the RCC (Roman Catholic Cult). You are right, there has never been a greater imposter of Christianity than this horrible (and horror-full) institution. There has never been any institution that has done as much damage to the reputation of Christianity, since many people sadly mistaken this Babylonian “Mother of Harlots” as a representative of Christianity. It is really one of Satan’s master moves when the sun-worshipper Constantine proclaimed (his heathen version of)”christianity” as the official state religion. Just think – what is the best way to stop the spread of Christianity? The answer is: proclaim yourself as the leader of champion of christianity and present your “version” of it as the “real christianity”. It is the oldest trick in the book. Kind of like when the robber steals something and then starts shouting “Help! Robbery!” in order to point everyone in the wrong direction (away from himself). That is what the Roman Catholic Cult has done for centuries by murdering and torturing all who disagree with her and labeling them as “heretics”

Comment by Raye » 22nd March, 2008 @ 08:41:58 PM

PETER- Sounds like the Roman Catholic Church has [you] sucked in too!! So sad, so sad!! I agree with you John. It’s the truth.

Comment by Elizabeth » 24th August, 2009 @ 01:29:18 AM

Judge not lest you be judged comes to mind here. God loves us all and asks us to love others the same way. How can we ever bring the Christian message to the world if we don’t walk the Christian walk. So much of what you have submitted about the catholic church is hate filled and that cannot come from God – and if it doesn’t come from God then where has it come from? Jesus is the Lord of my life, my salvation and my King, and I love the catholic people because Jesus died for them and he has asked us to love them.

Comment by Dan Backens » 31st August, 2009 @ 05:10:05 PM

Elizabeth – Didn’t you just make a judgement? Yes you did! And you SHOULD judge between good and evil, if you are spiritually minded. The Catholic church is not somehow exempted from this judgement, is it? How would that be love?

If you had a child that was doing something wrong, do you show that child you love them by saying they are doing the right thing? No, you chastise the child BECAUSE you love them. So love is not about being nice, is it? Those who are being mislead by the RCC need to be told the truth. You are free to disagree about how to tell them, but TELL them! Don’t act like they are just fine like so many do.

Finally, do not be so quick to pronounce your love for ‘the catholic people’. God can declare His love for the world because He is God. He knows every one of them, and yes, He died for them too. You are much more limited, so just try to focus on the ones you know. That will be hard enough.

Comment by Elizabeth » 9th September, 2009 @ 05:50:24 AM

I judged the comments, not the people who made them. Jesus said ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ and He is God. We are called to Love with no exception.

Comment by John Malone » 9th September, 2009 @ 10:10:15 AM

Elizabeth, you judged the people who made the comments when you claimed the comments were “hate filled.” Words cannot “hate.” Only people can. You judged the author of the comments, and not the comments themselves. Did you “love” that author?

The “love” to which the Bible refers is either agape, love in principle, or phileo, a personal care and fondness born of acquaintance. Assuming that you do not know every member of the Roman Catholic Organization (RCO), what principle are you following here to demonstrate your “love?”

You appear to object to someone telling them the truth about their organization as it compares to the Bible, and as it relates to historical development.

Agape was demonstrated by God in the death of His one and only Son. If your love is in principle, please articulate the principle. You have gone out of your way here to object to what is written about the whole idea of a pope. Have you gone out of your way to tell the truth to the members of the RCO that you claim to love? Because I will tell you this: very few people had the temerity to tell me the truth about the RCO when I was a member of it.

With all the scandal coming forward from the historical abuse of young boys in Ireland, I am pretty surprised to read your comments.


Comment by Elizabeth » 10th September, 2009 @ 06:30:00 AM

Hi John, The bible gives us a very clear description of what love is and isn’t.I don’t look at love as just two principles – no matter how wide the scope of those principles. I still believe that love is greater than that. And yes, John, I do love the authors of all the comments, including you… shock!!! God calls us to love everyone, even those who we feel don’t deserve it. I don’t believe that it is an easy thing to do and I know that I fall down in this many times, but the thing is I can only be responsible for my love walk and for my soul.I can show people more of the love of Jesus by my example than by my words.

Comment by ManuHernz » 29th April, 2010 @ 08:37:29 AM

Yeah John I support your brave article and I agree with you.
The time has come for the Babylonian whore to be destroyed. All the chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation in the Bible is dedicated to this beast. Also the third message of Fatima is about the fall of this satanic system.
People of the world Unite! To destroy the whore at last!
Apart from that I recommend you to read this:
Good luck and blessings in the name of God, not the Money God whom they worship.

Comment by Betsy Zweigler » 8th December, 2011 @ 03:06:31 PM

You hit it right on the nose!

Comment by Tylor » 11th August, 2013 @ 12:12:01 AM

John: I agree with you on this subject that Catholicism is a cultbecause they worship idols (the pope, statues of mary, ect.) and twist the bibles truth (supporting homosexuality, calling a man Father and Holy Father, calling the great whore in revelations Jerusalem, ect.). The only thing i am against is first it is very helpful that you give sorces of your info and secondly is that you joined in with a foolish arguement between people who probably don’t even know the real truth about how to get to heaven.

Elizabeth: It doesn’t say in the bible that we should judge but it does say in Ezekiel 3:17,18 that men called to be watchmen (deciples, preachers, missionaries, ect.) HAVE TO tell a wicked man his wrong doing for if he doesn’t he will also go to hell for not warning the people. Also you say calling them names is hateful but in most of the beginning of the new testiment Jesus calls the pharisees and scribes hypocrites and children of satan because they argue with the word of God.

Finaly to all parties in the arguement.
STOP ARGUING. The difference between children and adults is purpose. So I ask what’s your purpose in the argument? Are you trying to save souls or see who wins? My guess is that most of you don’t even know how to recieve true salvation. Most of you probably believe in the trinity WHICH IS A LIE THROUGH TRADITION. There is only ONE name that matters and that’s Jesus Christ. Jesus himself says in Revelations three different times that He is God. Which in turn means He is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. You also HAVE TO be baptized in His name alone and then recieve the Holy Ghost. Read John 3:5-8, John 14:26, Acts 2:38, Acts 3:8-12, Revelations 1:8, 1:11, 2:3, and 22:13. These all say how Jesus is God and how you need to be born again through Him.

Like i said what is your purpose? Mine is to bring as many people to heaven with me. Not to leave the ones behind i don’t like. The whole bible revolves around ONE PURPOSE and that’s love. Jesus said the two most important commandments is to love your Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Thank you for your time.

Comment by Pst. Jerome » 27th February, 2014 @ 07:09:50 AM

Thanks John, for your exposition on the Babylonian “Mother of Harlots” as a representative of Christianity. The truth has to be told. Ignorance of the TRUTH is the problem. One wonders why so much honour is given to creatures rather than their creator. The earlier these people turn to the scriptures other than man made BULETTINS the better for the world. JESUS IS THE TRUTH.

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