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An Addendum About Oil & Wine - Comments (3)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 1st May, 2006 @ 02:31:26 AM

Revelation 6:6 “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beats say, ‘A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine.'”

The previous article addresses these conditions more fully, but a few more thoughts may be helpful.

The above conditions represent a condition where fruits such as grapes will grow nicely, but there will be a shortage of grains. Fruits and grains are in different harvests, late and early respectively, so it is unlikely that drought produces these conditions.

My viewpoint about oil as fuel, and therefore encompassing crude, is detailed in my previous entry.

I recently learned that if the entire 2005 US corn crop – 11.8 billion bushes (172 million metric tons) – were used to produce ethanol, it would only have replaced 25% of present gasoline consumption.

Remember this: just because the world’s known reserves of crude oil are increasing at increasing rates, and that there is a superabundance of the stuff under the earth’s crust DOES NOT MEAN that man will not somehow sell a foolish agenda to consume irreplaceable foodstuffs on transportation.

I am of the studied viewpoint that all of the evil conditions of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalpse” will be the consequence of human endeavor, as well as Divinely visited.

Comment by Joan » 24th November, 2008 @ 06:52:52 PM

I can’t help but feel this is a warning to us about the damage we are doing to oils and wine through chemical/synthetic means. It is sinful the way we defile God’s good food! Look at trans fats and sulfites added to so many foods. We are harming the foods and they in turn are harming us.

Comment by Mary » 14th May, 2010 @ 06:40:34 PM

I was thinking – hurt not the oil and wine – is a picture of places of safety when incoming Planet X arrives. France is known for its wine – Spain for olive oil.
A third of the waters turned bitter – the Great Lakes look like a third of the water. Planet X may well be incoming to the Great Lakes region and France and Spain may be safe from Planet X. Just a thought.

Comment by Cheryl » 20th June, 2012 @ 07:31:50 AM

The oil represents the “Holy Spirit” and the “wine” represents the blood-bought people of God – Born-again Christians. Please study prophecy and you will see this.

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