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Printer Friendly Category: Behind the Lines,Venture in Africa
Author: John Malone
Date: 3rd September, 2006 @ 02:09:24 AM

According to US laws and treaties, there are serious sanctions in place for foreign nations that expropriate American assets: like our venture.

In retrospect, it’s only a little bit humorous when one of the first things the acting Deputy Chief of Mission (Virginia Palmer) told me was, “Well, we’re not going to send in the marines, that’s for sure.”

Actually, expropriation of American assets CAN result in sending in the marines!

So, instead of dealing with such a serious matter, the U.S. State Department simply decided that NO MATTER WHAT, they were not going to call this thing “expropriation.” If it was actually called an expropriation, sanctions would have to be imposed against Kenya, and State Department personnel – starting with the US Ambassador to Kenya – don’t want that at all!

Why is that? Because in a strange sort of turnaround, instead of representing the US to the foreign country, our foreign service personnel become agents for the foreign country to solicit funding and other favors for the foreign country to whom they are assigned: their mission!

Therefore, pretty much that last thing our foreign service personnel want to see is some sort of sanctions imposed against the country in which they find themselves. So who becomes their opponent? I do! That’s right, the trouble-maker becomes the fellow whose assets were expropriated, because he is calling expropriation “expropriation!”

To understand, these government tweenies (blow-up government men in overblown government jobs) claiming to represent us overseas pick up their first $100,000 tax free – that’s foreign service – and move along to a different country (“mission”) every three years.

What that really means is that someone who has his assets stolen by a foreign government has nowhere to turn.

Once the State Department has become your avowed enemy – remember, their job is to advocate foreign government interests to the US government’s tax stash – you not only have the foreign government to deal with, but another one more formidable right here at home.

About this time, you might think to begin writing to those who you foolsihly consider to be on your side. That’s what I did, at least, beginning with the office called the “US Trade Representative,” a very high-level (cabinet level) office at the time of my writing headed by a fellow name Robert Zoellick.

The office of US Trade Representative (USTR), we are told, is “responsible for developing and coordinating U.S. international trade, commodity, and direct investment policy, and overseeing negotiations with other countries.” However, if you actually involve yourself in “direct investment” the USTR suddenly wants nothing to do with it!

While the office boasts that it negotiates the terms of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) for instance, when its terms are violated by an expropriation, which calls for sanctions, the USTR doesn’t do anything except make absolutely certain that expropriation is NEVER called “expropriation.” You see, if expropriation were to come along, it would upset the whole success of AGOA, which, by the way, is essentially a huge US import bonanza to the African country benefiting thereby.

I turned to Zoellick, the USTR, because back in the State Department, my matters had been moved to the desk of Richard Armitage, who was sitting on them. And when a guy the size and ilk of Armitage is sitting on your stuff, it’s not going anywhere. Supporters of the Bush administration today consider him a smug turncoat.

Armitage was the Assistant Secretary of State to Colin Powell. Colin Powell’s former chief of staff was Lou Ann Linehan. Lou Anne moved from Senator Chuck Hagel’s staff to Colin Powell’s and then back to run Hagel’s office. And believe me, she runs it!

Senator Chuck Hagel used to work for a guy I debated against in high school, and who later married my one of my college girl friends. A guy who hosted my Bible study in his house, and later defrauded me, bought Hagel’s house in Omaha. Additionally, Hagel graduated from the same university I did. In nebraska, if you live long enough, you end up connected to just about everybody in the state.

So, I figured I’d see what former Bilderberger Senator Chuck Hagel would do for me in this matter. After all, he was a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and he wouldn’t want to see a constituent cheated by a foreign government, would he?

This is where my story becomes even more interesing.

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