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The “Immigration” Problem - Comments (1)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 16th June, 2006 @ 03:31:02 PM

I was in Washington, D.C. to visit my US Senator – Chuck Hagel – when the buzz about “Illegal Immigrants” was peaking.

Set aside for the moment the fact that, although I had an APPOINTMENT AT HER REQUEST with Senator Hagel’s Chief of Staff, she tried to have me arrested by the Capitol Police.

Set aside for the moment the fact that, although my 13+-year-old investment in Kenya was expropriated in 2003 by the Kenyan government, I am not allowed by his staff to meet with my US Senator.

Finally, set aside for the moment the fact that, while “enjoying” an 11-minute meeting I did not want to have with Senator Hagel’s Chief of Staff, she told me I could watch on C-SPAN while the senator guided amnesty legislation through the US Senate on behalf of illegal aliens, instead of meeting with him.

Setting all that experience aside – for the moment – it’s an interesting circumstance we are facing as a nation with the so-called “immigration” problem. Some call it an “invasion.” Some call it mass lawlessness. Some call it simple “immigration.”

But why isn’t anyone calling it “judgment?”

I want to propose to you that the problem we now know to be the “illegal alien” or “Mexican immigration” problem is the logical outcome – i.e. judgment – for murdering 1.5 million children per year at the abortuaries of America. It is the result of the failed “policy” of population control brought to us by, among others, such misguided people as Warren Buffett, right here in Omaha.

By very conservative estimates, abortions have created a negative population impact in the US of about 50 million people. In fact, the number could easily be 60 million. In the US, just about 50% of the population makes up the work force. That means abortion alone accounts for a 25-30 million shortfall in the workforce.

Official estimates of the illegal immigrant workforce population is 11-12 million. However, it is also roundly asserted that the real number is somewhere more near 20 million. In either case, one can tell how the shortfall of available workers is being met in our economy: illegal aliens are replacing the legally-aborted children, who, today, would be as old as 33 today.

But there is more: Mexico is the only country in North America where abortion is illegal. Some consider abortion a matter of choice, and not a matter of morals. The Bible does not view the consignment of children to premature deaths lightly.

In a following article, I will lay out how today’s “abortion” issue is part of a larger religious scheme that is opposing God’s general structure for human government, and in its place asserting some of that “old time religion.”

From that vantage, we will see the systematic necessity of God’s judgment on our nation.

Comment by Alvaro N. » 23rd March, 2007 @ 02:53:34 PM

I came to the same conclusion as you did.
The illegal immigrant breaks the law and is willing to risk his life to provide for the child he left back home. At the same time the USA has laws that allow americans to abort their unborn so they don’t have to suffer.
Why would foreigners fear the US law when the USA itself has no fear of God’s law?
The answer to the illegal immigration is not more laws or troops or border patrol agents. The solution is to get rid of the abortions in this country.

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