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The Key to “Right Division:” Israel - Comments (3)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 4th July, 2005 @ 12:30:13 PM

“Rightly dividing” – cutting straight – the Word of God is not merely a good idea, but {an exhortation|2Ti 3:16} and command {given in Scripture|2Ti 2:15} from the Lord’s {pattern servant|1Ti 1:15-16} to his {protege|1Ti 1:2}, and therefore to all who would follow the apostle in the ministry of God’s word.

The enjoyment of the Scriptures, which is much of the enjoyment of the Lord Himself, is unlikely when they are not “cut straight” or rightly divided.

It is no accident that the apostle paul was a {tentmaker|Acts 18:3} by trade. He undertsood the importance of a straight cut. Surely his tents were not patched together with duct tape! No matter how skillful a tentmaker was with a needle, the cutting of the tent material along the straight lines required by the tent design was essential to successful completion.

Many groups and individuals come to faulty conclusions, or embark upon a wrong course, because they do not “get Israel right,” just as Israel itself goes awry because it does not “get the Lord Jesus Christ right.”

Israel today – like the kingdom of the heavens – is in “mystery (or secret) form.” What you see is NOT what you will get. The Israel of today is not the “Israel of God,” nor Israel as it shall one day be. Israel of today is in unbelief, and it is thereby obviously true that not all who are descendant from Israel (Jacob) are {God’s Israel|Rom 9:6;Gal 6:15-16}.

The Israel of God today is the product of God’s dealings with Israel in the matter of the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ, Israel’s Messiah, and the Son of God Himself. And today, the Israel of God is a{ “remnant according to grace.”|Rom 10:5} Paul claimed to be {part|Rom 11:1} of this remnant. He was an outcast in the political Israel of his day.

In carefully tracing the arguments of Paul in Romans 9 and following, we learn that he takes up the matter of Israel’s election, and reduces it from a broad understanding to a narrow one. His argument is essentially this: That Israel is of the seed of Abraham, but only through Isaac (not Esau), and then further reduced to those who are on the principle of “grace through faith” and NOT on the principle of “law for righteousness.”

In Romans 11, he declares this group today to be a “remnant.” He disclose that Israel is nationally set aside through the means of a {temporary and partial blindess|Rom 11:25}, a mystery (secret) disclosed only in {Paul’s prophetic writings|2Pe 3:15-16}.

But many err.

Of course, the nation of Israel errs because they are attempting to set up a nation apart from the Messiah, Whose nation it is!

Reformed theology errs, because it confuses the Church’s higher and heavenly calling with Israel’s national calling.

British Israelites err, because they submit that some Gentile nations are the real Jews.

Dominion theology and its recent decendants fail because they do not recognize that Israel’s fulfillment is after the 2nd coming, and millenial in scope.

None of these that err can enjoy the full blessing that is for us in the Scriptures: it requires a proper division.

Comment by David West » 26th January, 2007 @ 12:19:38 PM

I have not so much a comment as am seeking clarification:

If I understand your argument, there would seem to me to be a division between the Church as Israel as follows:

Church – God’s people in heaven – distinct from Israel (below) in a manner parallel to how the Levites were distinct from the other tribes of Israel in the OT.

Israel – God’s people on earth – this group would be comprised of Jews subject to the temporary and partial blindness but otherwise receiving grace by faith. This group will be the one that upon our Lord’s 2nd coming will mourn for Him whom they had pierced. This group will not experience the first resurrection, will go through the Millenium, and will not be subject to the Great White Throne Judgment, being found in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Please clarify or correct anything I have misapprehended in reading your article. I think understanding this subject well is critical for those who are witnessing, particularly when witnessing to Jews or to gentiles with strong jewish ties.

Comment by Kevin Harshman » 27th June, 2008 @ 10:21:08 AM

Actually,in the dispensation of grace that we are in now,anyone who believes the gospel of grace that was given to Paul[1st corinthians ch 15 v1-4]is a member of the body of Christ,whether Jew or Gentile;and as such will be taken out of here at the Rapture.Then, god will again turn his attention towards the Nation of Israel,during the tribulation.Those who endure to the end ,refusing to take the mark,will be allowed to enter the earthly kingdom,where Christ,himself, will reign.Today,God is not dealing specifically with Israel as a nation,but counts them as among the nations,so, that whosoever will may come.

Comment by Jamie » 31st January, 2009 @ 06:54:43 PM

Hallelujah! I am so happy to hear the TRUTH being told! Right division is sooooo key to understanding what God is doing today with the church, Paul is our apostle and we can’t find OUR message in Matt- John. Praise God this site is here!! Stand fast and keep preachin the TRUTH!!!

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