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Where’s The Radio Broadcast? - Comments (3)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 12th September, 2005 @ 12:21:26 PM

It would be pretty wearying to write the whole story of what happened to our radio broadcast.

In short, it got replaced with something more attractive to Wilkins Communications, despite our contractual provisions.

We were on 3 stations: Indianapolis (WBRI), Kansas City (KCNW), and Omaha (KLNG). We paid, through our local church, $7,000 per month for the first year, and then $5,500 per month according to a contract signed this May. Our contract was a revolving one, this time for six months until the end of October, with a provisional 30-day notice to terminate.

On August 24th, we received a fax communication that threatened to take us off the air August 31st unless certain payments – which were not all due, by the way – were made. The brother in our church responsible for payments offered to wire transfer funds, despite the wrongness of the charges. He was told by Mitchell Mathis, VP of Wilkins Communications that it did not matter: we were off the air.

We knew this was the case because listeners in Indianapolis had already told us – during the week of August 22nd – there were radio announcements being made that our broadcast was going off the air in favor of Irvin Baxter’s “Politics and Religion.” We were not informed whatsoever by Wilkins at that time.

Irvin Baxter is reputedly part of the “Jesus Only” or “Oneness” movement which denies Triunity of God. Baxter also teaches baptism as necessary for salvation from the penalty of sin.

Wilkins Communications claims in its “Statement of Faith” that they believe God is “eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” This statement is to reassure you and me that we are dealing with a principled stand for orthodox Christian truth when we are dealing with Wilkins Communication.

I believed it once, but no more.

Some have asked us who to contact at Wilkins Communications. Here are the two from Wilkins involved in our contract.

Mitchell Mathis Toll Free: (888) 989-2299 – extension 24
Barry Bright Toll Free: (888) 989-2299 – extension 25

If you hear from them, we will be interested to know what they have to say about this offense.

Comment by John North » 19th September, 2005 @ 09:08:40 PM

Brother John,

I miss you. Much.

I did contact by email the Wilkins site. This was before I knew any names there to address it to. No matter, my request to have ” Malone return” was never responded to.

I did call the station in Council Bluffs as well. The man was sympathetic but obviously follows orders from headquarters. As I completed my call to KLNG he said I was one of a number of people who’d called and wondered what happened to Bible study dot net.

I will write again ( email ) to Wilkins and address it to the names suggested, and will pass on to you what I get from them.

Brother John, your program was the one I really anticipated at 5 PM each day I was in the bakery. You’ve been a blessing to me.
I wonder — is KYFR in Shenendoah is a possibility?

John J. North
Harlan, Iowa

Comment by Chad Lehmer » 22nd September, 2005 @ 08:03:26 AM

I emailed both Mitchell Mathis and Barry Bright on the 14th of this month. Eight days later and I still have not heard from either one of them. I am, however not surprised.

Comment by John Malone » 8th October, 2005 @ 12:10:31 AM

I am very sorry to have taken so long to review these kind comments. (The web site gets inundated with bogus comments from drug and poker sites …)

Mitchell Mathis is clearly a fellow operating out of a bad conscience. We do not care to start any kind of “movement” against Wilkins or him. After all, God opens doors that men CANNOT close, and this door was closed by men.

The ministry of the Word of God brings both blessing and judgment. In this case, I believe God has brought his judgment to Wilkins Communications, and they are without the Word of God during the hour we previously held, apparently having traded this blessing for a bowl of lentil stew.

I personally anticipate it’s further spiritual demise.

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