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The City That Does NOT Have Foundations. - Comments (0)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 1st July, 2014 @ 11:52:05 AM

One day in Kenya I was talking to my enterprise partner, Henry Thairu.

(Henry is the leading post-secondary educator of all of Kenya who gets the lion’s share of the credit for our spectacular joint-venture which has led to the credentialized post-secondary education of above 45,000 ICT students. The Government of Kenya corruptly expropriated that venture, and proceeded to smear Professor Henry Thairu and my reputations.

Nevertheless, we revolutionized post-secondary education in all off East Africa, and no corrupt government can ever undo that.)

Henry said to me that day, “What makes your society in the States so strong is the durability of your institutions. You have marvelous institutions in the United States.”

He told me this perhaps 15 years ago. Today, we are seeing the rapid deterioration and even crumbling of these institutions.

The recent scandalized behavior by one of our national institutions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been found to be manipulating statistical data to support the notion of “global warming,” a.k.a. “climate change.” These self-serving theories (i.e. {“self-willed opinions”|Tit 3:10}), followed by taxpayer-funded lies to support them, add another dagger in the badly bleeding body of public integrity.

What Professor Thairu had said was our strength is in doubt.

I say this is ANOTHER dagger, because self-serving men identifiable, eventually, as members of various secret societies, have been subverting truth and falsely calling it “science” for some years now. We have been lied to about “fossil fuels” for almost two hundred years now. There has never been evidence of the theory of carbohydrates turning into hydrocarbons by some evolutionary process operating of a massive quantity of fossil complex carbon remains somehow forming massive but severely limited quantities of oil.

As it turns out, the Godless Russians who had no agenda but to find and deliver oil for profit were not on this agenda, and rightly discerned the abiogenic process of oil production.

Lies and deceit are expensive, friends. They have long-term consequences. Until a couple years ago, I lived in a part of our metropolitan area that was dominated by Masons in the previous generation. That part of town is turning into a ghost town today. Manipulation of the “normal” (viz. “gracious”) development of society (“societal evolution”) can be massively expensive to future generations for the measly cheating nickels of the few today. Some societies, such as Professor Thairu’s Kenya continually pay that price and have been reaping the results for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Here in America, we have believed otherwise. We even sing, “God shed his grace on thee,” about our country. Or we did.

The abandonment of the truth of Scriptures has unleashed a terrible torrent against truth. After all, Jesus told us He “IS the truth,” while Pilate told us, “What is truth?” Pilate wasn’t far from letting every man have his OWN truth, and then marketing it to others. And then, to add injury to insult to injury, institutions like NOAA do this on the public dole!

Of course, I could carryon, and discuss how our universities are no longer true to their charge, how state and local governments are easily suborned by private interest. But I won’t.

Instead, I want to expose that this entire milieu is a consequence of the spiritual war around us, that we, as believers in Jesus Christ, are conscripted to fight. “Onward Christian Soldiers,” as we know, has nothing to do with marching on Jerusalem, as the heathen are actually doing. It has to do with the average believer, and then believers together in local their local church, being daily salt and light to a world that is spoiling, and in darkness.

Sure, we {wrestle NOT against flesh and blood|Eph 6:12}. But we do wrestle. And that against the RULERS of this world’s darkness. And we must conduct such a fight when there are many men who LOVE darkness rather than light. We come across such men with regularity. In the courts. In the government. Sadly – maybe even especially – in the churches.

We are a generation watching our nation crumble. This is why, with Abraham, {we look for a city that HAS foundations|Heb 11:10}, and not for the one whose foundations are crumbling.