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Oh, Those Young Earthers! - Comments (0)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 5th March, 2014 @ 01:04:12 AM

Watching Ken Ham of the “Creation Science” bunch parlay with Bill Nye, the “science guy” who went Dancing With the Stars was sort of like watching the post-Osborne Cornhuskers. Always a bit disappointing. The good guys are never good enough.

OK, a debate between these two is a powderpuff version of anybody’s football. Yet I found myself hoping that Ken Ham would say something pretty good. It did not happen. It was a sorry display by someone who claims to read his Bible. Ham may read it, but what he actually studies is science. It’s almost as if he is fighting to gain respect in the world’s science community. Who really cares about that?

The thing that bothers me the most about these Creation Science people is that they seem entirely unaware of the spiritual war that is all around us, and which only we believers can fight.

I told the Mayor of Omaha that I am going about spiritual warfare when I try to sort out lawlessness in municipal government. I don’t say she is the one to do it. It is for born-again Christians to war in the heavens, wrestling the power behind the power, and every single Christian should know that, especially adult Christians.

And this brings me to what bothers me the most about these Young-Earthers. The Bible does not teach a 6,000 year old earth. It teaches a 6,000 year history of man.

That a period of time passed between the first and second verses of Genesis is the only reasonable way to begin the Scriptures. If Ken Ham can’t get the first two verses of the Bible right, then I suppose he probably SHOULD be wrestling Bill Nye. Because he’s never going to see any serious spiritual combat from the enemy. Ham and his ilk are providing the enemy cover against those of us who will expose the enemy from the start as the murderer that he is.

I could discuss a great deal of exegesis right here about those two verses. Such as the heavens are a plural word, and we know there are three of them. We also know that something occurred to make the earth appear as it did, overflowing with darkness of waters on the face of the abyss. Waste. Wild. Darkness. These are the emblems of evil. Of catastrophe. Of blindness. {Isaiah teaches|Is 45:18} us the earth was not created that way. Not a tohu (“in vain”), but became a tohu (wasted place).

But I won’t. Instead I’ll start from the New Testament, where the object of the ancient type finds it fulfillment. And with this I’ll tell you why I am pretty upset with the Young-Earthers and in the worldly agenda and industry that they are pushing so hard, of course, on young Christian men who might otherwise learn the Scriptures.

{2nd corinthian 4:6|2cor 4:6} “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

Very clearly, as above, the Apostle Paul equates {Gen 1:3|Gen 1:3} to be a type of the new birth experienced by every Christian upon receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. Now, in order for this verse to be true, {Gen 1:1-1:2|Gen 1:1-2} must be a condition emblematic of man’s fallen condition in need of the new birth.

Frankly, you almost have to be trying to make such a mistake as the Young-Earthers do.

And yet, persistently, consistently they make this mistake. Ask them when Lucifer fell, and they have the craziest answers. “The fourth day.” “Sometime after the sixth day.” “The Scriptures are silent on this matter.” As if they hold all of the Scriptures, have examined each and every, and have come up with positively nothing.

So having found nothing, you take them at their word, and present a few things. “Why do you suppose God didn’t call the {second day good?|Gen 1:6-8}” Answer? “He called everything ‘very good’ on the sixth day.” But He specifically didn’t on the second day. Don’t you suppose the reason He didn’t call it good because he placed Lucifer in that firmament?

So, we have no public heroes. We don’t need them. God looks for men who WANT His word. To them He gives it freely, abundantly. He gives all Scripture and fully equips his man.

The man of God with the Word of God is unstoppable, fully equipped for spiritual war, and has more wisdom than any of his teachers.

Including his science and dance teachers.

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