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Egypt and Israel. - Comments (5)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 2nd February, 2011 @ 03:58:29 AM

When we look at Bible prophecy . . .

1. We do not see Egypt as an enemy of Israel.

2. Neither do we see an Israel of God, but an Israel in unbelief. This is why I am not a “Zionist.” The only Mount Zion that matters today is in heaven.

3. We also see a coming Man of Sin, called the “King of the North,” and “the beast,” and a “vile person,” who will be in conference with the worst of men – traitorous men – in Israel.

Now, while I do not see the conditions especially ripe for these matters to arise in the immediate sense, I do see all three of these conditions in formation.

Egypt, among Arab nations, is not an enemy of Israel, and hasn’t been since the last shooting war nearly 40 years ago, when Israeli tanks, until Nixon stopped them, were poised to overrun Cairo. I knew one of those tank commanders very well, and it was clear to him that Cairo was theirs to take.

Nevertheless, for reasons God Himself superintends, the d├ętente relationship between Egypt and Israel is sanctified and will remain. Although tentative, and marked by personal resentments, and enmities, Egypt will be an opponent of the coming Beast, and his amalgamated Beast Empire, marked as it will be by ten kingdoms whose power reaches the entire world.

What that portends for the present situation is that Egypt will find its way to a correct relationship in the world, and to Israel. Despite the fact that the Israel today is one established against God, and is on its way to be, spiritually, “Sodom,” and “Egypt,” Egypt itself will find its way to at least a neutral stance, despite the fact that outside forces are doing their best to manipulate it some other way.

In fact, it appears that it will be Egypt that will first stand up to this coming Beast Empire, despite the fact that it will fail to stop him, and will thereby suffer greatly.

Now, while it’s true that Egypt will not be part with the coming Beast Empire, its neighboring countries will, including modern Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, and Sudan – along with, perhaps, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe – all ancient Ethiopia, and Libya (including Tunisia).

Next, Israel today is not the Israel of God. It is Israel in unbelief. It has been formed and led by the worst of men in Israel: murderers, terrorists, and men positively hostile to God, and intent instead on world power. It’s a sad thing, because in and around Israel are devout people, including devout Jews and Christians, who actually do have a looking to God’s will, albeit often ignorantly. And this admixture will remain until the time that this coming Beast will turn on and attack Jerusalem, causing the devout among the Jews to flee into the wilderness to be protected by God.

Before that time, Jerusalem will establish itself as the moral sinkhole of the world, becoming “Sodom,” and Egypt. God will not use the means of men, and the world, to establish His nation Israel. What we have today is the best men can engineer for an Israel. It’s a pathetic and weak imitation.

Finally, we do see the development of the underlying requirements for the Man of Sin and his Beast kingdom to arise in the world. Everywhere we look, we can see the development of the means he will use to establish his autocracy in enmity against God.

If I read Daniel Chapter 7 correctly, this Beast and his ten-fold beast-kingdom will arise as an amalgamation of the worldwide British-American establishment (Lion/Eagle), the Russian plutocracy (with its 3-fold extension) (Bear and ribs), and whatever 4-headed entity arises to dominate the Middle East prior to that time. That latter entity would seem to be some sort of Arabic/Islamic dominated governmental system, yet-to-be-formed, and springing rapidly into place (like a Leopard), and perhaps the next great world political development.

Following that last development in Gentile world power, will arise the Beast and his ten-fold kingdom.

I’m not looking forward to it in the pleasant anticipation sense, and i definitely won’t be here to see it. but as we see the dark clouds forming, the storm cannot be far off, and we are stimulated and admonished to work while it is yet day, for there is a night coming when no one can work.

Comment by Gary » 11th February, 2011 @ 03:42:48 PM

I completely disagree with you view on Israel. You called them murderers and terrorists, but what about the people who want to wipe them off the face of the world. What about the 50 million abortions in our own country. If that is not Israel of the bible, then who is? “Yet now hear, O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen.” Isaiah 44:1 Even though they have been disobedient, it does not change the covenants that God made with them. If you want to find out about Egypt, I like Isaiah 19. They will be judged and healed.

Comment by John Malone » 12th February, 2011 @ 02:04:40 AM

My remarks about both Egypt and Israel must be taken in context.

First, let me say that I have a great love for Israel, and especially Jerusalem. And for the Jews. How could I not? My Savior is a Jew. Not WAS a Jew. He is. Then we have the word of God itself, the theme verse of this web site, and for the radio program when it was on, which is Romans 1:16, the Jew FIRST, and also the Gentile. I believe this entire dispensation, including right now, ought to be characterized by the gospel of the grace of God through faith alone in Jesus Christ, the Jew, alone being delivered to the remnant of grace that exists this very day.

But there is absolutely NO WAY that I am going to say that the nation in situ in the portion of land given to Abraham that currently outlines Israel as if one of the Gentile nations to the rest of the world (not without controversy) is the Israel of God! Not on your life. To say such, as some do, or seem to do, or vaguely do, or deniably do – to the delight of some no-small-part of a rewarding world – that what we have there today are the pinions, or foundation pieces of the Israel of God to come, would be most “disapproving”, by the Lord Himself, of me. I would most certainly be unfaithful, not that I claim for myself faithfulness.

I know for certain that Israel as yet will go through that awful fire of tribulation, known to them as the time of “Jacob’s Trouble”, and deservedly so. Perhaps that’s the saddest part. As I look at Israel today, I cannot help but be guided by the lens of what must yet come to pass for them. The will continue to decline morally, until they become known as Egypt, and Sodom. That’s as low of a moral standard than any other. It’s pretty bad already, when Islamic nations rightly accuse the so-called Christianized West of moral failure in such matters as abortion and general moral decay.

So I am not without judgment or feeling in the matter of Israel, and hold them to a higher expectation in conduct, despite their inevitable failure. So, sure, it is successfully arguable at the moment that Israel does uphold some superior moral qualities. It is also successfully arguable that the people representing those high standards in Israel today are being increasingly marginalized, and they know it themselves better than anyone else.

I hope, in your remarks above, you are not claiming that the nation we see today in the middle east is in anyway some fulfillment of the new covenant with Israel. That covenant has been secured by the blood of Christ, and so it is “in His blood,” but it is to be made with them “in that day,” when He writes his laws upon their hearts, and Israel goes forth in great blessing, and so forth. That’s not now! No way!! And it’s not next for them, either.

I have a friend who is a young Rabbi in a devout orthodox synagogue. Surprisingly, he has posed that the solution of the “Israel problem” lies in simply declaring itself to be a merely civl state, and to forget about trying to become something else. So, a thoughtful young guy who succinctly lays out the futility of Israel trying, essentially, to become what God says it should be. He’s actually got a real nugget in there, although he may not know it himself, because it is impossible for any nation or group of men in this world to achieve what is reserved for the Lord Jesus Christ alone to do, in the brightness of His appearing, when He will personally tread down His enemies.

So, let me summarize by saying I am writing to sheep, and so we know they will also hear the Lord’s voice.

This is where you have arrested me, it seems, as you claim that others around them are acting worse. Of course they are! This is a Bible study site, and anyone who reads their Bible and understands the prophetic qualities of it realize that a wild donkey of a man is going to misbehave from time to time, and excessively at that. In short, i do not think it is a fair charge to claim that, by criticizing Israel, I am somehow absolving those around it.

I will re-read my articles with your criticism in mind, and hope that I did not neglect to say that, despite Egypt’s relative nobility that it has when it throws the first punch at the Man of Sin, it will take a pretty serious drubbing as a result. That happens. But as you point out, we do see an honored Egypt in the Millennium as it resisted turning on Israel. I hope we can agree that the fulfillment of Isaiah 19 for Egypt occurs at the return of the Lord Jesus.

Comment by Deborah H. Bateman » 10th October, 2011 @ 08:22:06 AM

Thank you for sharing your posts. I have a Daily-Bible-Reading blog where I share a Daily Bible Study and I am always looking for other people’s perspective on the scripture. Sometimes it helps me to clarify a point. May God bless you as you share His word with others. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman

Comment by William » 9th December, 2011 @ 09:04:09 PM

If we read Daniel Chapter 7 correctly,we discover that it is talking about ancient kingdoms not modern governments.Daniel 7:17 on through the rest of the chapter interprets the vision itself. Whet you are doing is giving the prophecy of the scripture your private interpretation of which it is not of. 2Peter 1:20. Daniel 7 is actually closely related with Daniel 2. I do not mean to offend , I just want to point that out.

Comment by John Malone » 9th December, 2011 @ 11:10:18 PM

You are not reading the passage correctly.

Perhaps you are reading a commentary, and it obscures your viewpoint here. In Daniel 7, the prophet distinctly says “there arose,” as a future tense. As he writes the prophecy, Babylon and Persua have already arisen, and he has maintained high offices in each. It would not be a prophecy if your view was the correct one, albeit many have misled many by equating Daniel’s vision to Neuchadnezzar’s.

There are other reasons why this chapter does not equate to Chaper 2, and if I have not treated that yet on the web site, I may in due time.

The teaching you reference in 1st Peter is not about someone giving his own view, but is about rendering Scripture without the context of the rest of the Scriptures. I have often heard the view you give here, so I know it’s not your own, but it does not reconcile with the rest of Daniel, nor Revelation.

– John

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