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Egypt and Israel. - Comments (5)

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Author: John Malone
Date: 2nd February, 2011 @ 03:58:29 AM

When we look at Bible prophecy . . .

1. We do not see Egypt as an enemy of Israel.

2. Neither do we see an Israel of God, but an Israel in unbelief. This is why I am not a “Zionist.” The only Mount Zion that matters today is in heaven.

3. We also see a coming Man of Sin, called the “King of the North,” and “the beast,” and a “vile person,” who will be in conference with the worst of men – traitorous men – in Israel.

Now, while I do not see the conditions especially ripe for these matters to arise in the immediate sense, I do see all three of these conditions in formation.

Egypt, among Arab nations, is not an enemy of Israel, and hasn’t been since the last shooting war nearly 40 years ago, when Israeli tanks, until Nixon stopped them, were poised to overrun Cairo. I knew one of those tank commanders very well, and it was clear to him that Cairo was theirs to take.

Nevertheless, for reasons God Himself superintends, the d├ętente relationship between Egypt and Israel is sanctified and will remain. Although tentative, and marked by personal resentments, and enmities, Egypt will be an opponent of the coming Beast, and his amalgamated Beast Empire, marked as it will be by ten kingdoms whose power reaches the entire world.

What that portends for the present situation is that Egypt will find its way to a correct relationship in the world, and to Israel. Despite the fact that the Israel today is one established against God, and is on its way to be, spiritually, “Sodom,” and “Egypt,” Egypt itself will find its way to at least a neutral stance, despite the fact that outside forces are doing their best to manipulate it some other way.

In fact, it appears that it will be Egypt that will first stand up to this coming Beast Empire, despite the fact that it will fail to stop him, and will thereby suffer greatly.

Now, while it’s true that Egypt will not be part with the coming Beast Empire, its neighboring countries will, including modern Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, and Sudan – along with, perhaps, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe – all ancient Ethiopia, and Libya (including Tunisia).

Next, Israel today is not the Israel of God. It is Israel in unbelief. It has been formed and led by the worst of men in Israel: murderers, terrorists, and men positively hostile to God, and intent instead on world power. It’s a sad thing, because in and around Israel are devout people, including devout Jews and Christians, who actually do have a looking to God’s will, albeit often ignorantly. And this admixture will remain until the time that this coming Beast will turn on and attack Jerusalem, causing the devout among the Jews to flee into the wilderness to be protected by God.

Before that time, Jerusalem will establish itself as the moral sinkhole of the world, becoming “Sodom,” and Egypt. God will not use the means of men, and the world, to establish His nation Israel. What we have today is the best men can engineer for an Israel. It’s a pathetic and weak imitation.

Finally, we do see the development of the underlying requirements for the Man of Sin and his Beast kingdom to arise in the world. Everywhere we look, we can see the development of the means he will use to establish his autocracy in enmity against God.

If I read Daniel Chapter 7 correctly, this Beast and his ten-fold beast-kingdom will arise as an amalgamation of the worldwide British-American establishment (Lion/Eagle), the Russian plutocracy (with its 3-fold extension) (Bear and ribs), and whatever 4-headed entity arises to dominate the Middle East prior to that time. That latter entity would seem to be some sort of Arabic/Islamic dominated governmental system, yet-to-be-formed, and springing rapidly into place (like a Leopard), and perhaps the next great world political development.

Following that last development in Gentile world power, will arise the Beast and his ten-fold kingdom.

I’m not looking forward to it in the pleasant anticipation sense, and i definitely won’t be here to see it. but as we see the dark clouds forming, the storm cannot be far off, and we are stimulated and admonished to work while it is yet day, for there is a night coming when no one can work.

Daniel on Egypt. - Comments (0)

Printer Friendly Category: Prophetic
Author: John Malone
Date: 1st February, 2011 @ 06:54:40 AM

Once you have seen it before, the overhauling of a government, such as is going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and perhaps several others (we’ll see) today is a little easier to figure out.

People live according to whom they listen. Vladimir Lenin listened to the “Classical Writers,” and became a monstrous autocrat.

Islamic leaders appear to listen whichever selective train of thought streams from the system of Islam through the “Ayatollahs that be,” or the “Mullahs on hand.” I was once in a system like that, whereby people with more or less strong attachment, were told what to do by bishops and priests. For instance, I was too young to figure out how they told everyone in our Roman Catholic parish to vote for Kennedy, but they did get that done.

Here in the West, people are listening to the unabashedly twisted renditions of freedom (now called “choices”) and liberty (now always labelled “democracy.”) Gone is the uniquely American concept of personal sovereignty, derived from God alone.

A democracy today is far more easily to foment and manipulate than the far slower, more careful forms of government that may have preceded it. A truly representative republic, such was once the United States – long ago, I’m afraid – is never going to be an important agenda in the times in which we live.

One thing we learn from the Book of Daniel is that there will be constant decline of authority in human government as time moves along. By time, more specifically, I mean the “times of the Gentles” which have gone on now for 2,500 years. These times are coming to a close, and we know something of the end to which the world now seems hurtling at a breakneck pace.

Many people enabling and carrying out this mad dash are oblivious to where it is ending. As a youth, I certainly was for awhile. I’d say six years. Any young man who has no Bible background by the time he is 18 will be swept away with the notions of the day. And there are very, very few young men with such backgrounds.

In Africa and the Middle East today, clearly the plasticized notions of choices and democracy are getting some sway. But what I think we are truly seeing is an engineered regime change largely from the outside. I’ve seen the pattern. In Kenya, the sparks were much sharper. The level of violence was higher. Yet it was contained. The military was never threatened to be out of containment.

True revolutions rarely happen. I recall my first political science class at the university. It was taught by a highly educated and rare man who worked very hard, and yet donated his time. He intoned in perhaps the very first class, and turned it into a mantra for a time: “Revolutions by definition are bloody. If it is not bloody, it is not a revolution.”

Well, we aren’t seeing any revolutions. What we are seeing are armed forces taking neutral positions from their national leaders, “feeling strongly both ways,” politically. What we have is unconsolidated power at the top of these governments. Some might argue that when authority is poorly organized, it is not power at all.

After all, these leaders, no matter their character, did not pay for their own military development, nor did they oversee the training of their armies, nor do they have a prosperous future ahead of their military leaders. Someone else did, and someone else did, and someone else does!

So what we will see in whichever of these countries are selected to undergo regime change are coalition governments formed by parties recognized outside these countries. These coalitions will be composed elements beholding to “the west,” elements acceptable to Russia and China, criminal elements, and factions sufficient to represent the power interests of the Middle East, which will be “Islamic.”

None of these new coalition governments will be built on principle, and none of them will have a firm hold on their own military institutions. We’ve seen it all in Kenya, just recently.

What we are seeing is the systematic development of transnational elites, all of which will one day easily and willingly fall into the hands of the coming Man of Sin. We see iniquity at work – we who have the eyes of our understanding (hearts) enlightened – and one day this world will see it embodied. As for now, we see the decay of God-ordained authority in the earth as Gentile Power moves into the “Halls of Belshazzar.” (Dan.5)

The Prophet Daniel was told many specific things about Egypt. Perhaps we will get to that.

In the example of Daniel, we will observe carefully, and look to God for our renewed directions on being salt and light.